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The Premier Agency in NSW for Elite First Class Male & Female Strippers, Lingerie/Topless Waitresses and Topless Waiters for the Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley , Wollongong, & Canberra areas. Strippers for Bucks Parties or Hens Parties. Servicing NSW statewide, & ACT, VIC, QLD.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year 2012 from the Bad Kitty & Tomcats team.

Merry Xmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2012 from all the entertainers , staff, and management of Bad Kitty Entertainment and Tomcats Male Strippers & Waiters!

We wish you all the best for the silly season, please be prepared for conjested traffic, high petrol prices , Random (and superfluous) Breath Testing everywhere , double demerits, and also we are now also in peak ” stripper season” and therefore will be very conjested on the phones also as well as with bookings .

This is now the time that most clients have been booking major entertainment for their fabulous parties  these last few months, and many of our staff will be solidly booked most of the weekend with only certain gaps between jobs and in certain areas . If you’re only just now browsing for your soon upcoming event , please take this into consideration and do not ring last minute with a strict list of specific premium girls -usually the same ones that everyone wants button they can only be in 1 place at 1 time and are not going to sit around waiting for you to book if they have other job offers come in confirmed for them they will take them.

Too often clients waste time and want to check they can book 1 or 2 specific girls 2 days before a booking and by the time they book they are no longer available, and instead of making the booking and paying the deposit and securing top staff immediately , they will ring around and haggle over prices and try to guarantee 1 staff menber only- telling us that they will only book if stat staff member is available . 

Most staff will not accept unconfirmed bookings as that means that means they will miss out on work for a booking that may not confirm or could cancel, which means that we can’t “hold” them for you until you decide to maybe make a booking or maybe not.

Another common issue is if you ask us to check availability of staff last minte, we will submit them to you however if you muck around with “consulting the group”, ring around for better prices ,haggle over prices because you have had a cheaper quote etc , you will find that by the time you get back to us with your 1 choice ( we always ask you to choose at least 4 per staff required) that this member has taken a booking within the time you took to get back to us and is no longer available . This leads to further time wasting with the client having to consult the group about another choice, and then they call back and…. Surprise !…that staff member is also booked out !

The only way to ensure that you get top quality staff last minute is to book immediately , pay deposit immediately , have a large list of options written down , and  please be flexible & happy to choose from available staff immediately , or even better- don’t expect to be able to pick and choose individually  a couple of days before the booking date!

Flexibility with time is also important especially if its on the day or the day before date of required entertainment, and rather than a list of staff it is best to tell us what look or attributes you are seeking or requiring and why.

We will then be able to narrow the selection down to the best ones for the job and will either choose the best choices for you, or submit only those staff for immediate selection. It can be quite involved and time consuming as we have close to 100 staff whom of which many also work for other agents, and therefore we cannot always know from hour to hour what each of them has booked at what time in what area, and it can change from minute to minute depending on what offers come in earliest and confirm .

We always strive to provide clients with the best staff for their needs and tastes, but the staff work on a “first in-first serve ” basis and book other jobs around the existing pre-booked work .

We -unlike other agencies- have no shortage of elite award-winning staff . We are the largest agency in NSW( if not Australia) and therefore we do not have any “hidden fuglies” or substandard staff…. Many agencies have their core premium staff  team and when they are all booked will use anyone they have available, which is why I can understand that they request only specific staff …many are afraid of being ripped-off or short-changed by agencies promising top staff and sending their leftovers instead , many have been “once bitten, twice shy” and do this in order to avoid paying top dollar  for a service disaster that they would have been better off without altogether !

We at Bad Kitty & Tomcats Entertainment understand that an ugly model or a boring and disengaging entertainer is really a waste of money and completely defeats the purpose completely , and we do not want our clients to be treated that way.

ALL our current staff these staff displayed , and the ones who can’t display online for personal reasons are of the exact same standard- (which we can txt or email to you, as long as its not on a FRIDAY or SATURDAY night during peak booking time) and we only hire the best- which means they must ALL be of the high standard you see here.

We are the only agency with a money-back guarantee on the quality of all of our staff . 

*Please see disclaimers and services pages for our full terms and conditions as well as entertainment rules and FAQ’s

Have a fun and sexy summer silly season, and drive safely, sober, and don’t speed!

We always tell our staff that the clients would rather them ring and say they will be a little late, rather than end up in ICU instead or on time severely injured….The same rule applies to all!

Remember they are also now doing Random Drug Swabbing in booze buses now too and they are getting ready to make revenue from partygoers , so please stay safe so you can keep partying safely- get a cab or courtesy bus!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all,

Love from Kendra Sparxx,

Owner,Founder,Managing Director, & XXX Showgirl.

Written by

Raquel, Owner, Founder, & Managing Director of Bad Kitty & Tomcats Entertainment. Glamour Model and XXX Showgirl.