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The Premier Agency in NSW for Elite First Class Male & Female Strippers, Lingerie/Topless Waitresses and Topless Waiters for the Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley , Wollongong, & Canberra areas. Strippers for Bucks Parties or Hens Parties. Servicing NSW statewide, & ACT, VIC, QLD.


If you’re thinking of combining more than 1 service  together, why not try one of our adult entertainment packages and save time as well as having peace of mind knowing that all your entertainment needs can be taken care of at once from the same agency,and blended to work together perfectly?

Not only can you now relax, and let us do all the work of planning and timing entertainment all day, night, or weekend  and save yourself some money in the process!

All our packages are designed to provide all the services you need at a discounted rate , and you can always add additional services and we will tailor a custom package for you. 



 All-rounder waitress & show combo packages


image Standard female R combo:
2 hrs topless waitress
1 standard nude show

Deluxe female R combo:
3 hrs topless waitress
1 deluxe nude show

Standard female XXX combo:
2 hrs topless waitress,
1 standard xxx show.

Deluxe female xxx combo:
3 hrs topless waitress,
1 deluxe xxx show.

Xxxtreme combo:
2 hrs topless + 1 hr nude waitress ,
1 xxxtreme show.


Standard R duo combo:
2 x 2hrs topless waitress,
1 R lesbian duo show.


Deluxe R duo combo:
2x 3 hrs topless waitress,
2 x nude shows + 1 R lesbian duo.


Standard Xxx duo combo:
2x 2 hrs topless waitress,
1 xxx lesbian duo show.


Deluxe xxx duo combo:
2x 3 hrs topless waitress,
2x XXX shows + 1 XXX lesbian duo.


Multiple staff & service packages


Standard R bucks package:

2x 2 hrs topless waitress,
1 R lesbian duo.

Deluxe R bucks package:

2x 2hrs topless waitress,
2x nude Shows
1 R lesbian duo

Standard xxx bucks package:

2 x 2 hrs topless waitress,

1 xxx lesbian duo show.


Deluxe xxx bucks package:
2x 3hrs topless waitresses,
2 xxx shows,
1 xxx lesbian duo show.

Ultimate xxx bucks package:
3 x 3 hrs topless waitress.
2 xxx shows,
1 xxx duo.

Xxxtreme bucks package :

2 x 2 hrs topless, 1 hr nude waitress
1 xxxtreme show.

 Ultimate Xxxtreme bucks package :

3 x 2 hrs topless, 1 hr nude waitress,
2 x XXXTREME shows,
1 x XXX duo .



Comedy/Novelty packages


Standard novelty female stripper package:
1 standard novelty show
1 standard nude female stripper show


Deluxe novelty female stripper package:
1 deluxe novelty show
1 deluxe female stripper show

Deluxe novelty male stripper package :
1 deluxe novelty show
1 nude male stripper show.


Standard Comedy plus novelty package :
1 standard topless fatogram show
1 standard drag queen mime show


Deluxe comedy plus novelty package:
1 deluxe topless fatogram show
1 deluxe drag queen vocal show


If there are packages you have seen elsewhere or we don’t have a package to suit your needs we will quite happily design a custom package and entertainment program for you.

We have been designing custom packages for many years however here are a few that are  requested so often that we advertise them,and others that we have innovated.

We are the only agency in NSW to have multi-level pricing options for each category and have innovated our own services and terminology to provide our clients with a richer experience and a level to suit all budgets and needs.

Just as our shows come in standard, deluxe, and xxxtreme modules , so do our packages however you can upgrade or downgrade certain service modules within a package as well (price change up or down in package can be adjusted).

We have a variety of packages to suit every occasion , whether it be a Bucks Party, Hens Night, Joint Bucks and Hens Party, 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, 30th Birthday, 40th Birthday, 50th Birthday, or any other Birthday Party, Farewell Party, Christmas Party, Footy Grand Final Party, Boys Night, Ladies Night, or any other general party Bad Kitty & Tomcats Entertainment is your One-Stop-Shop for simply nothing but the best adult entertainment and best quality entertainers at the most competitive prices ( without compromising quality- of course). 

We also have Novelty Packages for those wishing to combine novelty services or novelty services with male or female stripper and waiter services.

Most of our packages combine a variety of shows and waiters/waitresses, but if you only want 1 service (any levels adjustable)performed by a variety of staff during a period of time you might want to purchase a Male or Female Bulk Show Package,( female only) Bulk XXX Show Package, a Bulk XXX Lesbian Show Package, a Bulk Waitering Package, Bulk Waitressing Package, or a Bulk Combination Wait-or-Bar-Staff Package.

You can also combine packages together for a custom package upgrade, or integrate a package that overlaps in certain services. We are very flexible and the packages advertised are just our most popular and requested packages, as many of our clients also enjoy a custom service tailored to their needs which we are more than happy to provide.