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The Premier Agency in NSW for Elite First Class Male & Female Strippers, Lingerie/Topless Waitresses and Topless Waiters for the Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley , Wollongong, & Canberra areas. Strippers for Bucks Parties or Hens Parties. Servicing NSW statewide, & ACT, VIC, QLD.


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 Travel Fees of $100 per hour (1 way only) per entertainer apply  to all areas outside of  Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney and Wollongong (Greater City Metropolitan Areas) and to all out of area staff from their local area region to the requested area region.

Once-Off Travel Fee of $50 may apply for Port Stephens & Hunter Valley area regions, depending on home/base location of selected staff (advance bookings)  or nearest available staff (last minute bookings).

All bookings made after 12 am fri/sat and after 9pm sun-thurs incur a $50 late booking surcharge . 



Topless show $270

Nude standard show $320 (15-20 mins)

Nude deluxe show $370 (25-30 mins, bubble bath or strawberries n cream)

Xxx standard show: $420 (10-15 mins-1 toy)

 Xxx deluxe show : $470 (20-25 mins, min 2-3 toys, all tricks)

 Xxxtreme Vibe & Pearl : $520 (35-40 mins, the works !)


LESBIAN DUOS R RATED                                                   

Nude (R-rated)lesbian duo: $700(25mins)                                            

 Nude (R-rated)lesbian duo deluxe: $800

(each girl does a nude R show then an R nude duo-approx 1 hr)                                         



XXX lesbian hardcore duo: $900 (30mins)

XXX lesbian hardcore duo deluxe: $1100 (1 xxx show by each girl, then 1 xxx lesbian hardcore show- 45 mins)image

XXXtreme lesbian hardcore duo deluxe: $1600   ( 1 XXXtreme show by each girl, then 1 XXX lesbian  show- approx 1 hrs)

 XXX lesbian trio deluxe show : $2000  ( each girl does 1 xxx show, then 1 lesbian 3-way- approx 1.5 hrs)



($40 agency booking fee applies PER WAITRESS , minimum 2hr booking)

 Lingerie/bikini $100 p.h ,

 Topless $120 p.h ,

 Nude $200 ph.



 MALES: All Areas NSW

($40 agency booking fee applies PER WAITER , minimum 2hr booking)

 MALE STRIP SHOWS                                                                                                        MALE TOPLESS WAITER

Gstring standard show:$250 (10-15 mins)                                                              Topless waiter/butler/human platter $90 per hour,

Gstring deluxe show : $300 (20-25 mins)                                                                Gstring waiter/butler/human platter  $110 per hour,

Nude standard show: $300 (15-20 mins)                                                                  Nude (with apron) waiter/butler/human platter $160 p h

Nude deluxe show : $350 (25-30 mins)


The Randy Tomcat Show : 

small group (under 10) $600

medium group (10-20) $700

large group (20+) $800



Ever had a hot male posing naked in your lounge room?
Hubba hubba will come to your doorstep! All we need from you is a time & location

Package includes ;

A 2-hour life drawing class
Art teacher
Nude model
Art teacher
Group photos
Drawing materials

Book now!Minimum 10 people
$60 per person

A travel fee applies based on the destination distance.


 (Travel fees of $50 per hour (1 way only) apply from CENTRAL COAST)

 $350 topless standard (10-15 min)

 Travel from Newcastle 

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