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The Premier Agency in NSW for Elite First Class Male & Female Strippers, Lingerie/Topless Waitresses and Topless Waiters for the Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley , Wollongong, & Canberra areas. Strippers for Bucks Parties or Hens Parties. Servicing NSW statewide, & ACT, VIC, QLD.

Exclusive Groundbreaking New Male Show: The Randy Tomcat is now available!

Get ready girls , the raunchiest new craze to take America by storm is finally here ! Secretly sourced in the USA and patented by Kendra Sparxx herself in Australia exclusively to Tomcats Male Strippers, this show is the first and only of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere .

Randy tomcat show

The women in America have been going bonkers over The “Dancing Bear” Show, which we have renamed for rebranding as The Randy Tomcat Show And it is now available for Aussie Women to enjoy with an Aussie hunk.

The contents of this show is too hot and too raunchy to describe on our website, due to censorship, and also because we are wanting to keep the details a secret from competitors, we can only describe this show in its entirity via telephone or email.

It is performed by 1 Tomcat only, the face of Tomcats Male Strippers & Waiters of 3 years running now, and the newest aussie adult erotica star to hit the USA… The one and only Jaxson Dee.

The secret is still being guarded well, and the the only clue we can give you is that seeing the full monty is just the start of something never done in Australia before… ¬†There is no escorting involved, this is purely xxx entertainment for women!¬†

For years now the boys have been getting their xxx fun with xxx toy shows and xxx lesbian shows, and the recent Bad Kitty exclusive innovation – The Xxxtreme Vibe ‘n’ Pearl show, now the girls have The Randy Tomcat Show!

The prices are a flat rate by group size, Small (under 10 people), Medium (10-20 people) and Large (over 20 people), and the length can vary according to group size but its approximately 30-45 mins in length generally.



Randy Tomcat Show Prices:

SMALL $600


LARGE $800








Written by

Raquel, Owner, Founder, & Managing Director of Bad Kitty & Tomcats Entertainment. Glamour Model and XXX Showgirl.