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The Premier Agency in NSW for Elite First Class Male & Female Strippers, Lingerie/Topless Waitresses and Topless Waiters for the Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Western Sydney, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley , Wollongong, & Canberra areas. Strippers for Bucks Parties or Hens Parties. Servicing NSW statewide, & ACT, VIC, QLD.


Now That we have your attention!…

If you enjoy watching lesbians play  (and honestly who does’nt ??!)

Why not book one of our famous Lesbian Duo Shows?

They range from the tame and tasteful, but still devilishly naughty R-rated Lesbian Duos and R-Rated Deluxe Lesbain Duos (with 3 shows in 1- 2 single shows and 1 duo) to the hardcore XXX Lesbian Duos and XXX Deluxe Lesbian duos (with 3  xxx shows in 1-2 single xxx shows and 1 xxx duo) complete with all the trimmings and real lesbian action .

The R -Rated Duos have a full nude duo strip in matching costumes, with lotions and creams, and oils etc.

Our XXX Lesbian Shows are NOT simulation and are not for the ultra-conservative who would prefer the R-Rated variety, as they are Xplicit!

What you can expect from a XXX Lesbian Duo or XXX Lesbian Deluxe Duo:

The same as an R-Rated Duo but a little bit longer with the use of XXX  toys. We had a full description but we have had to censor it- please ask us.

And the “Person Of Honour” gets to get involved in all of the fun and get a real close-up and personal experience with a view that can’t be topped!

We do not discriminate -so they can be for male, female, or mixed audiences of any age or orientation.

A great show to rev the boys up,  turn the girls on, or even give lesbians a run for their money while indulging their every fantasy. (However there is No Fisting!)

Our Most Popular Duo Teams:

Cassie & Bea -The Nude Twins from Balls of Steel Australia.

Cassie & Luca.

Diamond Roze & Summa-Lee

Diamond Roze & Trinity (Sydney Only, by advance booking only-extra costs apply)

Kendra Sparxx & Angel ,

Dallas & Tiffany,

Paris & Monica or Paris & Chanel,

Vanity & Naughty Nikki,

Jackel & TJ.

Written by

Raquel, Owner, Founder, & Managing Director of Bad Kitty & Tomcats Entertainment. Glamour Model and XXX Showgirl.